Grip it oil C5


Grip it oil C5
(60 paar in een doos)



Made from a combination of HPPE (high performance polyethylene) and glass fibre, the liner attains maximum EN388 scores in all categories


Utilises two layers of nitrile coating to provide ultimate protection and gripping ability. The first layer, which is a full coating, is soft and resilient allowing for excellent dexterity. The second layer, which is a palm coating, is infused with microfoam bubbles increasing resistance to oils and maximising grip, especially in wet and oily conditions


Delivers excellent protection, durability and a long life expectancy


The contoured design together with the soft seamless knitted liner and resilient nitrile coating ensures ultimate comfort with minimal hand fatigue in prolonged use

Knit Wrist

Elasticated knit wrist ensures a secure fit and keeps hands free of dirt and dust


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